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Meet the Owners 


Who are we?

Hello everyone~ we are David and Jacinda: vibrant, nature loving entrepreneurs who live to travel and explore everything under the sun. After having an incredible picnic date at a beautiful park, and giving some very impassioned reviews to everyone we know, we realized our next mission was clear- to create the most incredible Luxury Picnic experience imaginable by melding quality, luxury and comfort. Influenced by our travels and connection to nature and spirituality, we are so excited to bring you an experience unlike any you’ve ever had!

Beach Fench

Our Vision

We are Picnic Nirvana, a transcendental experience only found in San Diego. We believe in using organic, handcrafted materials that are not only unique and authentic, but extremely comfortable as well. Combining different decor pieces from all over the world, our set ups and events are truly one of a kind- Let us transport you to a serene oasis unlike any you've ever encountered. Combining luxury and comfort, get a slice of heaven on earth with Picnic Nirvana.

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