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Large Parties 

This is page is dedicated to parties larger than 4 guests. If there are more than 12 guests, please contact us directly via our contacts page to inquire.  

All large parties include:

Luxury set-up (Blankets, pillows, overhead for shade, low table, place mats, silverware/plate-ware, cups, picture worthy décor, welcome board, plants)

Premium custom Charcuterie Board

(fit for your party size)

XL Teepee Tent seats ups to 3-4

9ft Macramé Umbrella

4 added premium seats 

Incense (Sandalwood, Sage, Palo Santo, Eucalyptus, Frankincense options)

Full Body Sage Cleansing (optional) 

Bluetooth Speaker

Cooler bag

Polaroid camera (10 photos)

Essentials basket (sunscreen, napkins/wet wipes, storage for shoes/bags, bottle opener)

Candle lighting (optional for sunset times)

Custom Welcome Board for any occasion


Base Prices

$635635 for  5 -66  Guest

$715715 for  7-88  Guest

$80080for  -1 100 Guest

$8658 for 1111-112  Guest

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